Sunday, December 11, 2016

Edge books as revisionist westerns?

I've read a couple of the later Edge series western books over the years and I'm thinking about reading some of the earlier ones. This post suggests some revisionist characteristics in the Edge series. Having not read enough of them yet, this doesn't feel like the best comparison, but as I read more of them I'll keep an open mind to the possibility. I'm intrigued to look at the books through that lens. The post also attempts to draw some broad parallels between the western genre and the fantasy genre.
Edge is billed as a "new kind of Western hero" - a self-consciously revisionist approach to the John Ford / Zane Grey tradition.

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  1. I haven't ready them in years, but I used to love what I'd read of the Edge series some years back. Palate cleanser so to speak between Louis L'Amour books. Did you see the pilot for Amazon? I'm not sure if they did any more then that.